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Mistress Meredith’s cuckold in the corner

Hello my cuckies! I have a pretty sexy story about a recent caller. he is very well trained by now, as he should be. After all, he has been my calling cuck for 5 years now. He is knee deep in the lifestyle and well adjusted to it. He knows his place so well, and automatically goes to his corner when my lover arrives. Yes, his pet name is Mistress Meredith’s cuckold in the corner! he sits in the corner naked with his hands in his lap until I give him permission to touch himself. That permission does not happen every time, either, Depends on my mood, my cuck and my Bull.

 cuckold in the corner

cuckold in the corner

My cuck is well trained.

He meticulously gets me prepared for my nights out. He runs my bath, shaves my legs and intimate parts. He dries me off and rubs my body down with lotion, making it soft and smelling sweet. When I enter my boudoir, he has my clothes laid out on my bed. My hottest outfit that clings to my body in just the right ways. Usually a short skirt, low cut top and very high heels! The underthings vary, but  I feel sexy in a sheer thong, lace top thigh highs and a pretty push up bra. Your sex Goddess applies her make up and then is off for a hot night on the town.

When I return, many many hours later, my cuck has cleaned the house, washed my panties by hand and has been waiting patiently by the door. When he hears my key in the door, he jumps into action, waiting with anticipation. Anticipation that has been building all night. His mind has been going over scenarios all night, and he is eager for my return. This is what turns the cuckold on.

What happens next?

I will have to save that for later… you may wait by the door.

Ms. Meredith’s cuckold fantasy

Ms Meredith's favorite cuckold fantasy

Ms Meredith’s  cuckold fantasy

Hello my cucks. I dont know if you know this or not, but this is one of my very favorites fetish’s. Whenever I get a cuck call, I am thrilled.Why? It appeals to the exhibitionist in me, the voyeur in you, and the mental aspects it envelopes. It’s not always about a small penis, as you know. But typically, it is. I just love the idea of the freedom of it all. A woman in charge of her own sexual appetite and determining she will fuck other men, but remain with you, in one way or another. All of the above explain why this is my, Ms. Meredith’s cuckold fantasy.

Not a traditional setting

What is a cuckold? A man who’s wife/partner/girlfriend fucks other men. The delicious part of this is he gets off on this. Pretty soon he wants to know all the details, whereas in the beginning, he  could not even think about what he was doing to his wife. It all gradually seeps in, and he accepts it, enjoys it and participates.

How does he participate?

Well, he is on clean up committee, which means he gets a nice creampie after a lovemaking session…without him. His hot wife manages him very well.

So what is it that makes it a favorite of mine? Well, sometimes the cuck is allowed to watch. That part just drives me crazy! I would love for my cuck to watch as my well hung cuckold bull mounts me and makes me claw the sheets as I scream in ecstasy.

To watch your partner with someone else would generate so many feelings, right? Being watched is a very hot proposition to me. I get wet just thinking about it. Seeing our naked bodies as we engage in very erotic ways while you sit there, mesmerized. sometimes allowed to stroke, sometimes not.

That is just fucking hot

Hot Wife and Her cuckold hubby

Hot wife and her cuckold hubbie

Hot wife and her cuckold hubby

Hello cuckies! I thought I would take a minute and write about the hot wife and her lifestyle. you know, she loves you, but she loves big cock, too. And you want her to be satisfied, so you accept that she is going to have a sexual appetite for well hung men. She’s playing in the big leagues, now. No more peewees. One thing I have always said is a key component to this lifestyle is: acceptance. you just need to accept the that this is what happens when you have a hot wife and her cuckold hubby life.

Here’s some panties, cuckie

Yeah…it may seem silly, a cute little fun game and you play along. Next thing you know, you are a sissy cuckold! It usually starts out with “Put my panties on. I think you would look so cute in them!” you want to please her, you would do anything for her and she knows this. So you comply and one thing leads to another and she has you totally feminized. Just part of her cuckold husband plan. you fall perfectly in to it.

So, she goes out and leaves you with a list of chores…with the stipulation you must wear your panties while you do them. Notice I said “your” panties? he he. you provide for her every need. you pay the bills, you cook, you clean, in more ways then one! Nothing better then a cuckold cream pie surprise! and you get off on it!

you know your hot wife is out having fun, enjoying herself and getting fucked by really big cocks! But she does comes home to you. Sometimes she entertains her bulls at home and again, you get off on that! you live for the nights she allows you to watch. And if you are really lucky, participate! It’s possible she may even allow you penetration. But don’t count on it. Afterall, she did just buy you that fleshlight!


cuckold by choice

cuck contract

cuckold by choice

Hello my cucks! I recently had a session with a cuck who made it clear that he was a cuck by choice, not relegated by his wife. Yes, he said he has been in this lifestyle for years and happy.  I always love a little twist to things. This is a good one.  Typically a bull takes over because wifey is not satisfied and sought out a big dick bull. But this caller says he is well endowed, he just likes his wife being with other guys. He loves to watch and loves being a cuckold by choice.

clean up committee

cuck insists on being the cuckold fluffer and clean up committee. He has no problem diving in and licking up his tasty treats and enjoying his cream pie.  He said he was upfront from the start with his now hot wife, and she was happy to oblige. Now she gets great sex whenever she wants and a permission slip to fuck around, then get satisfied all over again when she gets home.

How cool is that?

Strip Poker Cuckold Fun!

strip poker cuckold fun!

strip poker cuckold fun!

Hello my cuckold pets! I recently had a very sexy call with a couple, and I have to say it was hot, hot, hot! They happen to have a friend over, watching some sports event and of course wifey is in a short white robe, black thong panties and lacy bra under neath. They are having some liquid libations and enjoying each other’s camaraderie. As always, one thing leads to another and the next thing you know, it’s strip poker cuckold fun!

Poke her face

I am sure hubby had this planned, since he has asked me several times “How can I get my wife to cuckold me“? This was as good as plan as any! As the card game progressed, cuckie was winning most hands, while his friend was almost naked, and his hot wife was totally naked! This was really working out!

He, cuckie wanna be,  was so aroused at the idea of his wife bedding another man, his friend! Why do cuckolds get so turned on? In this case, it was the idea of his sexy, hot, trophy wife being handed over to his best friend. As the night evolved, that is exactly what happened. They left the door open to the bedroom and cuckie stroked as he watched his wife get totally fucked, and he loved every inch of it!

He was a bit miffed that her screams were like none he had ever heard before, but at the same time he was excited she was enjoying herself. When she came to their bed later, he cleaned her up and it was very sweet cream pie treat. He then had his turn and came harder then he ever though possible!

This long time fantasy lived up to everything he hoped it would be! Even tho’ it’s not a traditional cuck situation, it certainly has big parts of one!

poker face

poker face