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Cuckold Mistress!

Cuckold Mistress!

Cuckold Mistress!

Hello my cuckie pets. I just wanted to thank-you for being my cuckie pet! This is one kink I really enjoy (one among many, you kinky freaks!) and I always have a great time with these kind of sessions.  In other words: I love to be cuckold Mistress!

I think you all know just what is a cuckold  by now, right? So you know it means you typically have a small penis and you are definitely not satisfying your hot wife, right? So, she turns to the bull who CAN satisfy her. After all, she is in her prime and deserves to be very satisfied.

But there are different types of cuckolds. Some are allowed assess to the sweet spot every once in awhile. Others are strictly cut off and placed in more of a service role. I can see you are trying to figure out just where you would fit in. Believe me, we would establish that right away!

Strangely excited

I also know as you read this and you can picture yourself getting pretty turned on watching your wife with her lover! you may feel strange about being so turned on by that, but it is all part of the cuckold plan. Looks like you fit into it very nicely.

With a cuckold Mistress like myself  you will be well trained in no time. Trust me on that!


Subbie Hubbie Caller


Subbie Hubbie Caller

Subbie Hubbie Caller

OH my sweet callers. I just LOVE it when a session starts with “My wife is out tonight, and she gave me permission to call you.” I want to say thank you to those wives who send their cucks my way! Of course I know why they do it….it saves them the trouble of dealing with them, and it gets the subbie hubbie all worked up with no where to go!

All worked up

and depending on the permission pink slip you received from wifey, you will be edged, milked, stroked, denied and maybe even a happy ending for some! But first of course I will put you through your paces.

Check List

Did you change the sheets on the bed?

Did you wash her panties by hand?

Did you clean the house, in that frilly French maid attire, or naked?

Did you light some candles in the boudoir?

Did you prepare some  whors d’oeuvres ?

Did you chill that nice expensive wine?

Did you prepare yourself?

All set?

Oh, the waiting is always the hardest part. That is why you have me! you call me to help relieve some of that built up tension. The questions circulating in your head, like, what exactly are they doing now? When will they be home? How many screaming orgasms has she had? Will she ever look at me the same again? What will they have me do when they return? Then you get a text

with pictures!

Oh, the excitement of it all, and the bittersweet realization. your wife is with a real man, getting fucked with a real cock.

Its official

                                                            you are a cuckold!

Size Queen

Super size Me

Super size Me

Super-size me! I LOVE my king size bed! Just like I love my king size men! All this cuckold talk lately has really got me going! My poor pathetic teenie weenies. Nothing compares to a nice healthy fucking from a ginormous cock!

Oh Spartacus!

That is my pet name for that healthy throbbing organ between your legs. Well, not your legs! I really enjoy making you sit in the corner and observe the master at work. He gets it good and hard because he is good when it’s hard! I especially like it when he has you guide that monster deep into me. That’s what I call a hand job! Your phone sex Goddess has been enjoying your cuckold calls immensely!

Supersize me!

I also need to say a special thank you to my very special callers who know how to treat a Goddess and treat her well! It has been like Christmas in July around here! Goddess loves your gifts and being pampered. I can’t wait to get to Nordstroms. Thanks to my very very special callers who has spoiled me in so many wonderful ways! Between the sexy lingerie, the perfume, the make-up, the sex toys….oh my!!!! And the jewelry! A big warm hug and wet kiss to my callers who spoiled me! Thank you! xxoo

You know you WILL be rewarded! winks spanks licks and nibbles   lol

For an erotic phone sex session with Empress Meredith, call 800-601-6975
Must be 18+

Mistress Meredith’s cuckold in the corner

Hello my cuckies! I have a pretty sexy story about a recent caller. he is very well trained by now, as he should be. After all, he has been my calling cuck for 5 years now. He is knee deep in the lifestyle and well adjusted to it. He knows his place so well, and automatically goes to his corner when my lover arrives. Yes, his pet name is Mistress Meredith’s cuckold in the corner! he sits in the corner naked with his hands in his lap until I give him permission to touch himself. That permission does not happen every time, either, Depends on my mood, my cuck and my Bull.

 cuckold in the corner

cuckold in the corner

My cuck is well trained.

He meticulously gets me prepared for my nights out. He runs my bath, shaves my legs and intimate parts. He dries me off and rubs my body down with lotion, making it soft and smelling sweet. When I enter my boudoir, he has my clothes laid out on my bed. My hottest outfit that clings to my body in just the right ways. Usually a short skirt, low cut top and very high heels! The underthings vary, but  I feel sexy in a sheer thong, lace top thigh highs and a pretty push up bra. Your sex Goddess applies her make up and then is off for a hot night on the town.

When I return, many many hours later, my cuck has cleaned the house, washed my panties by hand and has been waiting patiently by the door. When he hears my key in the door, he jumps into action, waiting with anticipation. Anticipation that has been building all night. His mind has been going over scenarios all night, and he is eager for my return. This is what turns the cuckold on.

What happens next?

I will have to save that for later… you may wait by the door.

Ms. Meredith’s cuckold fantasy

Ms Meredith's favorite cuckold fantasy

Ms Meredith’s  cuckold fantasy

Hello my cucks. I dont know if you know this or not, but this is one of my very favorites fetish’s. Whenever I get a cuck call, I am thrilled.Why? It appeals to the exhibitionist in me, the voyeur in you, and the mental aspects it envelopes. It’s not always about a small penis, as you know. But typically, it is. I just love the idea of the freedom of it all. A woman in charge of her own sexual appetite and determining she will fuck other men, but remain with you, in one way or another. All of the above explain why this is my, Ms. Meredith’s cuckold fantasy.

Not a traditional setting

What is a cuckold? A man who’s wife/partner/girlfriend fucks other men. The delicious part of this is he gets off on this. Pretty soon he wants to know all the details, whereas in the beginning, he  could not even think about what he was doing to his wife. It all gradually seeps in, and he accepts it, enjoys it and participates.

How does he participate?

Well, he is on clean up committee, which means he gets a nice creampie after a lovemaking session…without him. His hot wife manages him very well.

So what is it that makes it a favorite of mine? Well, sometimes the cuck is allowed to watch. That part just drives me crazy! I would love for my cuck to watch as my well hung cuckold bull mounts me and makes me claw the sheets as I scream in ecstasy.

To watch your partner with someone else would generate so many feelings, right? Being watched is a very hot proposition to me. I get wet just thinking about it. Seeing our naked bodies as we engage in very erotic ways while you sit there, mesmerized. sometimes allowed to stroke, sometimes not.

That is just fucking hot