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Kinky cuckold

kinky cuckold

kinky cuckold

Hello my pets. Kinky cuckold, right? What other kind is there? Well, lots of variations, but the basics are the typically the same. you have a hot wife. you have a small penis. Hot wife deserves to be satisfied. you want hot wife satisfied. But here’s the kicker: you actually enjoy this!

kinky cuck!

you kinky cuckie, you! Most men who have a situation like you, as far as your wife has sex with other men, would be devastated. But not you! Oh no! you actually enjoy this. you are perfectly ok with it.


It takes the pressure off you. But more importantly, you look forward to being part of this sexy, kinky experience. Why do cuckolds get excited? That is an interesting question! It has so many dimensions to it. Part of it is verification that you have a hot wife. Part of it is your desire to please. you can’t satisfy her, so you want to please her by sitting back as she gets pleased.

Nice cuck!

But you have ulterior motives: you want to enjoy a nice, big thick cock too! This fulfills your sexual desires and just adds to the whole kinky cuckold life. you are a cuckold cocksucker and you love every inch of it!

Yes, you do!

That is why this lifestyle works so well for you. Plus, you have a small penis and this is how you can keep your hot wife. Yep.



Happy cuckold!

Hello happy cuck

Hello happy cuck

Hello cuckies! I had a really good call the other night with a cuckold who was so happy in his little cuckie life. It made me think of all of you and how you have adapted, accepted, and even enjoyed being turned. That almost sounds like a vampire kind of thing. I guess I have a little True Blood left in me. he he. Butt seriously, this caller was more then happy being a happy cuckold.

He craves cock!

So when his wifey started enjoying the company of real men with real cocks, he was ecstatic! And experienced some cuckold jealousy ! But he was not jealous of his wife with other men, he was jealous he was not with other men! He was jealous she got to enjoy nice, big, thick cocks!

But it wasn’t long before she was bringing her bulls home and cuckie was doing his chores, in and out of the bedroom. He even asked me about a cuckold guide to pleasing wife and lover.  He caught on real quick, believe me. But it was what he wanted, so he was going to be the best at it so he could continue.

Next thing ya’ know…

cuckie is wearing panties! It’s kind of a natural evolution. Once you are cuckolded, then sucking cock, well, the next step is being a full fledged sissy cuckold . Makes perfect sense to me! you were never really meant to be a lover to women anyway. you and your wife became good friends, like best friends. Then more like girlfriends.

And so it evolved…sissy cuck! I know that makes you a very happy cuck!


cuckold sissy

sissy cuckold

cuckold sissy

Hello cuckies! So many different kinds of cucks, right? I mean, you have the teenie weenie cucks, the cucks who are well endowed but like to slut out their wife, the cuck who is bi, and the cuck who is feminine and really happy to be a cuckold sissy. That brings us to you, right sissy?

you never should have married

Butt you did and now you have what you wanted all along: cock! Back in the day it was what you had to do to save face. you got married, even tho’ you were…a bit…”off”. you knew more about fashion then she did! you encouraged her to do girlie girl things because you couldn’t and you were living vicariously through her. Because she was your cover, your beard.

Butt then things changed!

She started going out with the girls and getting hit on and finding some real men to play with! One thing led to another, and the next thing you know, you are a cuckold sissy! Oh, it was methodical in a way. I mean, at first she was just leaving you a list of chores when she went out at night. Then it was a joke about she wears the pants in the family now. Then it was maybe you need a french maid uniform.

Butt then she pantied you!

And you liked it! It was the best day of your life when insisted you step in to those pretty pink satin panties! Now it was obvious there was some femdom cuckolding going on. But you were absolutely fine with that! In fact, you’ve never been happier.

That is until she had you partake in her cuck action. When you became a cuckold cocksucker, THAT was the happiest day of your life! you have never looked back and am happy serving your wife and her bull in any way they tell you.



cuck wife

cuck wife

Hello my cuckolded friends. How’s it hanging? Or is it? Lack of interest or attention can have that affect! I know your life has changed, whether you were ready for it or not. I think deep down inside you had a sneaking suspicion it would happen! Your sweet, loving wife soon became a cuck wife!

She was a woman with a plan. A few months of no sexual satisfaction and she knew she had to do something. Something drastic. She found a nice big, thick juicy cock and viola! you are now a cuckold husband!

Don’t be so surprised!

Those late nights out were a warm up of things to come! And don’t be mean or demeaning. She may be a slut wife but she’s still your wife…kind of. It’s a little different now.

How did  it happen?

you KNOW how it happened! I mean, look at yourself. your hot wife needs a hot cock to compliment her hotness. Duh! you just need to look the other way and learn your place. Butt I am sure by now you are well aware.

So just keep doing what you are doing because as a cuckold…you have no choice!

Cuckolds and cock size

Cuckolds and cock size

Cuckolds and cock size

you know, most times a cuck is a cuck because he does not have a big cock. It’s just the truth. But I have run across the exception to the rule. I have talked to several cucks who have big cocks! Just goes to show you, Cuckolds and cock size vary.

How can this be, you ask.

Well, it’s still a kink, just a different take on this kink. He, the cuck, likes to watch. He is proud of his hot wife and see’s how men look at her. He knows what they’re thinking. He facilitates the need to watch, his partners need to be sexually satisfied and throw excitement on top of that, and it’s a perfect recipe for cuckolding!

Now we all know cuckold excitement comes from watching your lover with other men. So it really doesn’t matter in this case if you have a big cock or not. It is purely the concept of cucks wife being with someone else that gets him off.

So, do all cuckolds have small penises? The answer is: NO! Now, I would say probably 98% do, but we have some wiggle room to inch our way around. he he

Sometimes it is the females desires to enjoy other men, but still be with you. Perhaps you just not compatible in bed? Maybe you can’t go the distance? Maybe she has a larger sexual appetite then you? So many variables and scenarios!

It all cums down to wanting to please her and sometimes the way to do that is with someone else. No shame in that!