French Fluffer

French Fluffer

French Fluffer

Hello my cucks! I had a very long and sexy call with one of my all time favorite cucks! He is deep into the lifestyle and totally accepts his position in the closet. He is an active cuckold and always has his flesh light on hand.

Today he told me about a recent adventure with his sexy wife. She is younger, of course, and yearns for lots of sexual excitement. French fluffer can’t quite “keep up” so she has resorted to other things.

She was very excited about a new adventure that was about to happen. She would not really tell him much, but he knew it was going to be big! He begged for more information, but she just laughed. Then the doorbell rang and she told him to answer it. He did as he was told.

When he opened the door, he was pleasantly surprised by a beautiful blonde woman with huge tits! He welcomed her in, and they all had introductions and drinks. His mind was racing with sexual arousal and amazed to think his wife might have a menage et trios, planned just for him! He was trying to control his excitement, but his neglected cock got the best of him!

His wife directed her cuck to approach the blonde bombshell and get down on his knees. As he started to pull down her pants and panties, he was in for a HUGE surprise! You guessed it! Out popped a 10 inch cock!

Fluffer’s wife surprised him alright!


Date Night

Date Night

Date Night

Yes, it’s date night….but not for you! Well, in some ways, it is for you. I mean, you get to prepare your wife, your girlfriend for her BIG night out. We all know how excited you get about girlie things, like panties and sexy outfits. So, you select the perfect outfit, complete with matching sexy bra and panties, heels and even the erotic perfume.

Now what?

You wait. Once you have her dressed and all slutted out, you wait. She gave you the list of chores you were to have completed, right? you always breeze through them, don’t you? So you pace, you walk the floor, checking the time every 5 minutes and wonder

What are they doing?

Are they in bed? Or just some random hot fucking in some public place? Maybe she will bring him home this time? But you know what that means for you! More prep time ASSigned to you.


kind of relationship, right? I mean, you love the excitement of it all. you love knowing your lover is so hot that other men want to fuck her (and do!)

Butt you hate the desperation you feel. The questioning, the insecurity. Will you ever get to taste her sweet pussy again, or is that forever barred, relinquished to the charms of bigger and better pastures? Will you ever get used to sharing your bed, no-make that-giving up your marital bed, for you are no longer sharing much of that mattress. Unless it is to clean her up or fluff him up.

Did I say him? Imagine that!





OH my sweet callers. I just LOVE it when a session starts with “My wife is out tonight, and she gave me permission to call you.” I want to say thank you to those wives who send their cucks my way! Of course I know why they do it….it saves them the trouble of dealing with them, and it gets the subbie hubbie all worked up with no where to go!

All worked up

and depending on the permission pink slip you received from wifey, you will be edged, milked, stroked, denied and maybe even a happy ending for some! But first of course I will put you through your paces.

Check List

Did you change the sheets on the bed?

Did you wash her panties by hand?

Did you clean the house, in that frilly French maid attire, or naked?

Did you light some candles in the boudoir?

Did you prepare some  whors d’oeuvres ?

Did you chill that nice expensive wine?

Did you prepare yourself?

All set?

Oh, the waiting is always the hardest part. That is why you have me! you call me to help relieve some of that built up tension. The questions circulating in your head, like, what exactly are they doing now? When will they be home? How many screaming orgasms has she had? Will she ever look at me the same again? What will they have me do when they return? Then you get a text

with pictures!

Oh, the excitement of it all, and the bittersweet realization. your wife is with a real man, getting fucked with a real cock.

Its official

                                                            you are a cuckold!


Where is wifey?

xmeredithgold (53)

Yes, where is wifey, my sweet little cuck?! I am sure you are asking yourself that very same question tonight for the umpteenth time. Oh the frustration mixed with erotic infatuation. One part of you screams in agony at the thought of her with another man….the other part hardens with delight as your naughty thoughts get the best of you.

Whats a cuckie to do?

you know what you need to do!

* clean the kitchen

*wash her panties by hand

*put fresh clean sheets on your  the bed

*wait obediently for her return

Thats a good cuck

Have the cell phone in hand, waiting for her teasing texts. Oh, man, the pics she sends you, as she is out on the town just send you over the edge! Too bad that’s as far as you get to get…over and over again. Edging with excitement, but no actual form of release.

Thats the way wifey wants it

So until she allows you, no orgasms for you. Those days are gone, like your masculinity. Stripped bare from that realm, but you sure look cute in your panties as you clean, dust, wash and sort. Panties and all. Soon she will have you sit patiently next to the bed and hope for sloppy seconds.

This goes on night after night and you find yourself constantly wondering… where is wifey?





OH, my dear cuckies! Your phone sex Goddess was treated to a special treat the other night. A caller who has happily been made into a cuckie called. He had been celebrating with his own special cocktail, which most appropriately included Red Bull. We decided it should be black bull, since wifey was most assuredly enjoying some of that!

Mr Cock

Cuckie Johnny has a new best friend. His name is Mr. Cock and as cuckie Johnny put it, he is a huge cock, made of big dark juicy lovemeat with big giant apple balls. Many times during our calls he would sigh and declare in his best sissycuckie voice “I love Mr. Cock!”

No doubt!

Rented Blog Space

Cuckie Johhny came up with this brainstorm. For the honor of being mentioned here, he gave me a lovely virtual bouquet. (That’s another phrase for a tip here at LDW) Being the ever savvy biz man that he is in real life when he is actually in charge of something, he came up with this. (That’s not all that came up, butt I can”t take credit for that. It was Mr. Cock)

So in honor of a delightful call and motivating virtual bouquet, I give you cuckie Johnny. He is planning some extreme cock control next month when he goes to Vegas. Yeah, you know what that means. His first real cock in the mouth! Mr. Cock will be replaced for that time. What a time that will be!

In the meantime

Cuckie Johnny will continue his training and love affair with Mr. Cock!