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Strip Poker Cuckold Fun!

strip poker cuckold fun!

strip poker cuckold fun!

Hello my cuckold pets! I recently had a very sexy call with a couple, and I have to say it was hot, hot, hot! They happen to have a friend over, watching some sports event and of course wifey is in a short white robe, black thong panties and lacy bra under neath. They are having some liquid libations and enjoying each other’s camaraderie. As always, one thing leads to another and the next thing you know, it’s strip poker cuckold fun!

Poke her face

I am sure hubby had this planned, since he has asked me several times “How can I get my wife to cuckold me“? This was as good as plan as any! As the card game progressed, cuckie was winning most hands, while his friend was almost naked, and his hot wife was totally naked! This was really working out!

He, cuckie wanna be,  was so aroused at the idea of his wife bedding another man, his friend! Why do cuckolds get so turned on? In this case, it was the idea of his sexy, hot, trophy wife being handed over to his best friend. As the night evolved, that is exactly what happened. They left the door open to the bedroom and cuckie stroked as he watched his wife get totally fucked, and he loved every inch of it!

He was a bit miffed that her screams were like none he had ever heard before, but at the same time he was excited she was enjoying herself. When she came to their bed later, he cleaned her up and it was very sweet cream pie treat. He then had his turn and came harder then he ever though possible!

This long time fantasy lived up to everything he hoped it would be! Even tho’ it’s not a traditional cuck situation, it certainly has big parts of one!

poker face

poker face


No Bull for Cuckold cock

No Bull for Cuckold cock

No Bull for Cuckold cock

Well my pets, as always there are many different kinky scenarios for different kinks and just when you think you’ve heard it all, a new one pops up and you scratch your head (and you can scratch your balls while you are at it) and say…wow. This one involves a twist. Usually a bull is a big cocked guy who replaces your teenie weenie. Not this time. Nope. No Bull for Cuckold cock!

your penis replacement is smaller then you!

Well, now a new twist to an old fetish that is totally fascinating.

Now your hot wife brings home several bulls, but they were not even close in comparison to you as far as cock size. This is typical, but this time, they are even smaller then you! This time the bulls are really like small steers. They were smaller cocked then you!

wifey is a very skilled cuckoldress

Oh, the humiliation of it all! She really knows how to get in your head. Actually, make that plural. he he. Yes, bulls to the bedroom who were smaller then her husband and he is forced to see them and hear them as they satisfy his wife, and yet she does not allow him to do the same.

How twisted

is that? I mean, typically bulls are bigger then cucks and that is part of the whole scenario. Now this twist is a bitter taste of humiliation on top of humiliation!

But I saw this coming when wifey would have him wear her panties, which evolved into stroking but no coming and finally dressed fem from head to toe.

So tell me cuckie, how would you feel about being replaced by your lover for another who was not quite up to par as yourself? Like a big dick? he he

Cuckold Contract Part Two

cuckold contract

cuckold contract part two

Hello again my cucks! I felt you needed time to “digest” your part one nuptials before I continued. So here we are, take notes for your cuckold contract part two!

Hot Wife sets the rules that dictate her husband’s apparel. Perhaps some clothes more on the feminine side will be acquired and required in private. Or completely stripped down, naked.

The husband will let hot Wife know when his workday is light and he is available to service hot Wife, along with his daily chores. He is required to wear feminine attire under his work clothes, in addition to his chastity device.

husband may be required to prepare hot wife for Her lover which may include running the bath with skin softening bath salts. Shaving her legs and private areas, selecting sexy under garments and outfits, and fluffing her pussy. Later that night, after completion of chores, he may also be directed in getting hot wife’s lover ready by stroking, sucking, or whatever is instructed.

husband knows he will be required satisfy hot Wife whenever She wants. he will focus on hot wife’s pleasure with no concern to his own, as he is locked in chastity. He will clean Hot Wife’s pussy with expectations of a nice cuckold cream pie.

you will support wife but her lover gets to fuck her.

The hot Wife has the right to change or add to this contract at anytime and the husband must comply with the new conditions.

The husband has NO right to change any conditions under this contract without permission of the Wife.

The husband must be completely naked when signing this binding document and the Wife must be fully clothed so that the new power relationship is clear and established.

Sign here, cuckold husband!

The cuckold contract Part One

cuck contract

cuckold contract part one

Hello my cucks!  Oh, the cuckold contract. To some it means everyday life and commitment. Not to mention acceptance. To others, it’s a marital contract. It clinches the deal. Imagine signing this on your wedding day? I see you nodding. you know what I am talking about! Recently a cuckie showed what he had to sign in order to keep his hot wife beautiful bride…

This is all she wrote!

“To insure a successful marriage between the hot wife and the cuckold husband, cuck will agree to the following regarding the penis:

The hot Wife owns the penis.

Hot wife has complete access and control of penis.

The husband is not permitted to touch the penis without permission.

The hot Wife will decide when and if the penis will be allowed to ejaculate.

The hot Wife will decide the method used IF the penis is allowed orgasm. She may allow cuckold husband to masturbate or hot wife may choose another course of action to be determined.

The husband is not permitted any sexual favors unless initiated by hot Wife.

The cuckold husband will wear his cb6000s 24/7 until his mature metal steel chastity device arrives. Being cocklocked symbolizes hot Wife’s absolute domination of the penis. If ever the penis is allowed to come, the Wife has the rights to the cum. This is called cuckold cock control.

The Wife has the right to recycle the cum: possibly by feeding it into the husbands mouth. Or he will lick it off any body part designated.

The hot Wife has the right to demand sexual pleasure from the cuckold husband at any time without any reciprocal duties.

Since the hot Wife no longer needs the marital penis for satisfaction, She may seek other means of satisfaction.

She has the right to fuck as many men as She wants…and will.


cuckold sissy

small dick cuckold sissy 800-356-6169

small dick cuckold sissy 800-356-6169

This is an interesting one. I think it is a natural occurrence if a sexual partners organ does not measure up and satisfy his lover that she will seek other means. Usually that means (he he) a big cock. A nice big black one, too! So what is left of the smalled dicked man? Usually this small one has more submissive tendencies. He is sensitive, emotional, subservient and inside secretly happy he no longer has to pretend. He happily relinquishes his throne to the alpha, real man and prances away waiting for the next sexual escapade so he do what he’s always wanted to do: be a cuckold sissy!

Happy sissy cuckie now

Now that the sissy cuckold can be herself, she will be much happier. She can attend to things like dressing you, shopping with you, cleaning the house, and serving in any way you request. she will dutifully prepare her Mistress for her night out, including fluffing up the sweet spot. she will anxiously wait for her arrival home, with fingers crossed she will get to partake in the bulls activities.

Do all cuckolds have small penises?

No, not always, but I would say 99% of the time they are less then endowed. This also does not mean all sissies have small penises. Butt again, I would say 99% of the time they do. So it just goes hand in hand that the smalled dicked cuckold would easily slip into a very feminized role; meaning a cuckold sissy.

In time, this works out really well for all involved. The sexy female is totally getting satisfied by her big dick lover. She can cheat on her husband and get away with it! Her smalled dicked one can do what she was meant to do… watch the wife get fucked by a real cock and a real man. Sometimes the sissy cuck will get to suck the real mans real cock.

Everybody plays, everybody wins.

Ready for a big one, not small sissy cuck

Ready for a big one, not small sissy cuck