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Are you a cuckold?

are you a cuckold

are you a cuckold?

Hello, pets. Yes, it’s been awhile. I have been enjoying life. Have you? Let’s make that, have you been enjoying the lifestyle. Yes? I am sure you have. In your own painful, twisted way anyway. I thought I would just get back to basics here and simply ask: Are you a cuckold?

Its pretty straightforward, but can be complicated for some. Especially for those who are curious or not sure. Just how to know you are a cuckold is a path all in itself. But if you are here, you have some idea of the answer to that.

Do you have a small dick?

That is usually where it all starts. Not always, butt typically. If so, you are a small penis cuckold. You know that. You also know you cannot satisfy your partner like a big dick can. You have been well aware of all your inadequacies all your life. I can only imagine all the finger pointing and snickers in the school locker room. hehe

This is where the men separate from the rest of the pack. But you knew you had talents and abilities, so you honed in on your charm, wit, and oral skills. But you had no idea you would satisfy your lover and her lover! What a good cuckold fluffer!

So if you have any doubts as to your cuckoldness, I hope you realize by reading this that yes, you are a cuckold. So just embrace it and enjoy it! I don’t see many other options for you. Well, you could prance down the gay way, but that’s another blog.

Texting Cuckold

texting cuckold

texting cuckold

Hello, my pets! Recently I had a call from a pet who is living the life. The life of a cuckie! But this cuck has specific guidelines from his hot wife.  Yes, they have a lot of sexy texting going on between them! Sexy on her end, assignments and teasing pictures on his. So, of course, I have dubbed him the texting cuckold!

All Thumbs

Yes, he is…in more ways than one. Make that ten and maybe a half. Hehe. He is a thumb typer as he texts, and since he is not allowed any actual sex with his hot wife, he is all thumbs when it comes to sex, and no…he doesn’t cum.

This is a pretty common cuck relationship. The cuckold rules of conduct are pretty standard, but this teasing texting is an added dimension. She, his hot wife, can add so much by sending him pictures and really teasing the hell out of him! Plus giving him directions or assignments add to the whole experience.

Exactly What the Cuck Needs

This type of communication is excellent for cuckold tips and guidelines. He is well informed and always knows what is expected of him. And yes, his hot wife is very devilishly superb at this use of that device that is attached to him at all times. Oh, he knows he is to have it at the ready at all times, or he would pay dearly for that misstep!

Imagine the Data

Let’s hope they have unlimited!


I love cucks

I love cucks

I love cucks

Hello, my cucks! I am sure you know by now that I love cucks! It is one of my very favorite kinks. Obviously, since I have a blog named for it. And since you are here, by choice or circumstance, you love it, too. Or you will eventually. hehe

I am sure you have had lots of time on your hands to think about your kinky life. Or maybe not! I know that your hot wife like to keep you occupied with her list of cuckie do chores! I believe the top of the list is putting clean, fresh sheets on “our” bed, which has become her and her lover’s place of consumption. Poor cuckie!

How are you holding up?

I think by now you have adjusted well, right? As well as can be expected, considering your wife has sex with other men! But it all goes in stages. Denial, disbelief, acceptance. Which stage are you in? Is it time for your close-up? Hehe

you know what you will be close-up too, don’t you? A nice big, thick juicy cock! It’s all part of the steps to being a cuckold husband. I know you will want to be the very best cuckie hubbie you can be, right? Deep down you need to please, and now that need will be fulfilled.

Better learn to suck

Cock! That’s right. I said it. You knew that was coming, one way or another! Pretty soon your sexy wife won’t want to waste time sucking cock to get her bull hard. That’s what you can do! You can fluff up the beautiful tight pink pussy and then harden up that huge cock! You will be spending a lot of time on your knees!

But we are all good with that! Now, let’s see how good you are with that!


Cuckold Fantasy

cuckold fantasy

cuckold fantasy

Hello, cucks! Lately, I have had so many calls about a cuckold fantasy that I thought I would blog about it. I think sometimes this kinky life happens without you realizing it. It’s very subtle and can almost be a “wait, what?” moment. Your sexy wife has been enjoying her big thick cocks for months before you finally catch on. Then a lightbulb goes off, and you suddenly realize what has been going on right under your nose. hehe

Smells like sex

Why yes, yes it does. This reminds me of a scene from the mini-series Californication where the ever loving Karen tells the ever womanizing Hank that “he smells like pussy.” Why do I bring this up? Well, it is a signature scent, and I am sure you may have noticed that it has been a bit stronger lately. Hhhmmm. Wonder why? Could it be an added ingredient? And yes, that means that you, cuck, have been lapping up a nice warm cuckold creampie!

This is the part where you get really excited!

The idea of it all or the practice of it is all very erotic, degrading, exciting and a cuckold life. Welcome to it. The other side of this is the humiliation. You know, the reason why your hot wife has been seeking larger than life pleasure elsewhere. She likes a really big fat juicy dick! Don’t we all? hehe

Yes, size does matter. Are you a small penis cuckold? Then you deserve to be a cuckold. Better develop some excellent mind blowing orgasmic oral skills real quick, or you will be shut out forever.

That would be a shame

you would then spend your days cleaning, cooking, preparing your wife for her dates and then preparing her date for your wife!

Questioning if you are a cuckold

questioning if you are a cuckold

questioning if you are a cuckold

Hello, my cucks! Recently I had a caller who was wondering-questioning if he was a cuckold. I had to stifle a laugh because if you are even wondering, most likely you are! I love how subtle females can be when it comes to satisfying their sexual needs.

If you have to ask…

you are, its that simple. First off, you have to ask yourself What is a cuckold. I mean, you can’t know what you are until you know what you are. Hehe. Educate yourself. You have probably been going down this path for quite some time. You just didn’t realize it. Among other things you have been going down and didn’t even know it. hehe

Do you have a hot wife? That in itself is not a reason to think you are a cuckold. But how’s your sex life? Has it been a little slow lately? Maybe even nonexistent? Or perhaps it has changed. You are no longer allowed penetration, but she tells you to go down on her all the time now. And its funny, but you have noticed it’s not quite the same.

yes, you are a cuckold

You may be relegated to buy her beautiful things, but he makes her cum kind of relationship, but at least you get to hang around and be in her life. You can live with that. Considering it, all happened gradually, and you have been doing it for a long time. You just didn’t know it. Now you do.

It was all very subtle

Your wife had a plan, I would guess. I love these kinds of cerebral mind fucks. To you, you were caught unaware until all of a sudden it hit you! One day you realized things had changed, and this changed probably started months ago, maybe even years.

So to answer your question….yes, you are a cuckold!

yes you are a cuckold

yes you are a cuckold