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The cuckold and Mistress Meredith



Hello my cuckold pets! Recently I had a call from a long time caller who is a long time cuckold. His sexy, hot wife has been fucking sexy hot men for years now. I remember when he first came to me (on the phone, never orgasmically!) and he was just full of questions!

I knew from the moment he said he was not very well endowed an he had a younger, sexy, hot wife.

He was in denial at first, but then he started to see reality. He called every week after that, and this is the story of the cuckold and Mistress Meredith.

It was all very innocent at first…

When his wife started talking about having sex with other men, he thought it was just kinky bedroom talk, or fantasies.

He never dreamed it was a subliminal suggestion to prepare him for what was cumming. And he certainly was not cumming after a while!

But pretty soon she made it clear that he just wasn’t enough for her. At first she tried to hide it, but then as the time and men went by, she was more confident and sexually satisfied. She knew it was only fair to share her new found outlet with her husband. But just how do you tell your husband you are no longer in need of his services? Well, some of his services.

Wife wants more…

Yes, your wife wants more! She may want all different scenarios from you now that she is cuckolding you! She may want you to fluff her up prior to her “dates”. She may want you to watch while she and her bull go at it! She may want you to participate! But that my cuck, is for another blog.

Are you ready to be my cuckold?

The answer is YES

The answer is YES



Are you a cuckold? Mistress Meredith wants to know!

you can watch my cuckold

you can watch cuckold

So…are you? Lets see if we can determine that. you know, people automatically think that if you are a cuckold, you have a small penis. Yes, that is typical, but doesn’t always have to be the rule. It can be the exception. I am going to ask a few questions here so be honest in your answers! So, your Mistress Meredith wants to know: Are you are a cuckold?

Let’s find out!

Does your  hot wife/girlfriend/partner seem to go out more lately? When she goes out, does she get all decked out? Like, her sexiest best…hair, make-up, short skirts, low cut top, and heels…plus some very sexy lingerie under all that beauty?

Yes? OK…well, does she come home in the very wee hours of the morning, with her hair all array? Her clothes may seem a bit rumpled and  does she head straight for the shower when she’s gets home?

Yes again? Hhhmmm…have you had sex lately? Was it fucking, or did she just want you to go down on her? Just go down on her? Ok, did you happen to notice a different taste? Not the usual sweet pussy juice, but maybe a little stronger and thicker? Something that could be classified as a cream pie? Yes again? That’s what I thought.

Has she been hinting around at some sexual experimentation?

you know, like suggesting you suck cock, or wear panties for her, or watch as your wife has sex with other men? She has? Oh my! Just as I suspected! you better sit down and take a deep breath. Because, my friend, your world is about to change.

Welcome to world of being a cuckold! Any questions?

We are going to need a nice, long session to talk about this, cuckie! I am here for you and will be happy to explain it all!


Cuckolding for Mistress Meredith

I know you want to, you just are a little nervous. That’s ok. I will walk you through it. We will explore it together and I can direct you every step of the way. It’s such a sexy fantasy, to think about me with another man as you sit back and watch. Now some scenarios differ, as far as, if you partake, and in what capacity. Some want to sit back and watch and that is enough to feed the cuck. Others want to hear all the juicy details after the dirty deed. Others want to actually help orchestrate it all and be knees deep in it! It’s all good when you are cuckolding for Mistress Meredith.

only big dicks

Big dicks only

Which one are you?

Are you the one sitting there in the chair with your small dick in your hand while I get ravished by a ginormous cock? I can picture that, actually. Sometimes it’s the only way you can have an orgasm. Either watching me, or thinking about how you watched me in the past. Gets you into a cuckold turn on every time, I know!

But it’s also exciting to think about holding his huge cock in your own hands and guiding it inside the sweet spot, isn’t it? Oh, and if you are really wanting to be knees deep, and naughty, imagine sucking that huge cock to get it really ready for fucking! Oh, I know that just gave you an instant hard on, my cuckold cocksucker!

It’s all in the details

Every last, juicy one of them. you like to hear in great detail all about my sexcapdes. I am only too happy to oblige.

Mistress Meredith and her favorite cuckold experience

only big dicks

only big dicks

Hello my cuckie callers! How are you?

I have missed you! I have busy cuckolding! Let me tell you, you know this is one of my favorite kinks! Wonder why? Could it be the control? Or is it the humiliation? Maybe it’s just that I want a big cock to satisfy me! Some of you know first hand what I am talking about, don’t you?! you know, my love of being a cuckold Mistress started in college. I had been dating the handsome but not so well hung football star. One day his roommie ventured out of the shower naked,  not knowing I was there. Well once I caught a glimpse of his naked, dripping hot body, I knew what I needed.

I wanted him and his huge cock!

Oh, the football star was benched once I saw this big baller! I wasted no time as I stripped and pulled him into bed with me. As we were busy getting busy, I was totally enjoying being satisfied by a big cock! I didn’t even hear the door open. The benched player walked in on us and I thought punches would fly. But instead, he sat back and unzipped his fly. When I saw how excited he was, I knew. He was cuckold. Now, do all cuckolds have a small penis?

In my experience…yes. I mean, why else would I bench a handsome football star? Typically they make up for it in other ways (best oral sex ever) but that is no substitute for big dick!

French Fluffer

French Fluffer

French Fluffer

Hello my cucks! I had a very long and sexy call with one of my all time favorite cucks! He is deep into the lifestyle and totally accepts his position in the closet. He is an active cuckold and always has his flesh light on hand.

Today he told me about a recent adventure with his sexy wife. She is younger, of course, and yearns for lots of sexual excitement. French fluffer can’t quite “keep up” so she has resorted to other things.

She was very excited about a new adventure that was about to happen. She would not really tell him much, but he knew it was going to be big! He begged for more information, but she just laughed. Then the doorbell rang and she told him to answer it. He did as he was told.

When he opened the door, he was pleasantly surprised by a beautiful blonde woman with huge tits! He welcomed her in, and they all had introductions and drinks. His mind was racing with sexual arousal and amazed to think his wife might have a menage et trios, planned just for him! He was trying to control his excitement, but his neglected cock got the best of him!

His wife directed her cuck to approach the blonde bombshell and get down on his knees. As he started to pull down her pants and panties, he was in for a HUGE surprise! You guessed it! Out popped a 10 inch cock!

Fluffer’s wife surprised him alright!