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Cuckold cock size

cuckold cock size

cuckold cock size

Hello cucks! I thought this was a really interesting subject, considering the call I had the other night. This cuck in particular was really well hung (he was on cam for me, so I saw it for myself!) and has been a cuckold for several years now. So, for him, its not about having a small cock and not pleasing his partner. Nope. For him, its about being a voyeur and watching his wife with other men. In this lifestyle, you just never know! Sometimes its about the cuckold cock size and sometimes…it’s not!

How do you measure up?

Are you like my caller and well endowed, or do you fall a little short in the drawers? Now we know we have a small penis cuckold  , but also a big cock cuck! I myself believe there are waaaaay more small cocked cucks then large ones. I mean , the typical reason a relationship changes into a cuck one is because the cuck has a teenie weenie and not satisfying his lover.

A small dick cuckold is typically the norm. But like everything, there are exceptions. A cock size is a pretty good indicator as far as if he is the cuck or the Bull. In real life if I had a lover with a teenie weenie (um, No, just NO) I would slap a panties on that before you can shut the front door!

And I am not saying your wife is a slut, but your slut wife  likes big cocks! Duh! Size matters! If you really question that, ask yourself why you are a cuckold!

Your Cuckold Story

What's your cuckold story

What’s your cuckold story

What is your cuckold story, my cuckold callers? What is the story of your cuckold life? How did it all begin? Did you see it cumming? Did you know anything about this kink before it was your life? Was it a gradual thing? Did your wife spring it on you, or keep it a secret?

You have been replaced

You are bound and chained in one way or another. You do not measure up. Your hot wife has found herself a nice hot bull, well hung and hard. He is hard and fast out the gate. He needs no prompting. He stands erect and ready to satisfy your lover in ways you never could. Her bull is confident and cocky, and why shouldn’t he be?

You, on the other hand are NOT! You suffer the naked humiliation of standing toe to toe to a big dick man. He is the Alpha. You are not the omega. You are now relegated to the role of  house boi. Your teenie weenie makes her cuckold bull laugh and certainly does nothing for her sensual needs. Your male erection stimulants are not working and its hard to tell anymore if your cock is even there!

Yes, my friend, you are a cuckold.

There are different types of cuckolds, What type of cuckold are you? Are you a fluffer? Are you nothing but a teenie weenie? This could mean you will become a cuckolding sissy who is forced to suck cock. And you will like it!

You are a cuckold.

Welcome to your new station in life. Now, fix me breakfast, finish cleaning the kitchen and do the laundry. Run my bath. Paint my toenails and lay out my sexy panties and thigh high hose. I have a date tonight.

You are a cuckold

I can’t wait to hear your story!

Are you a cuckold?

Are you a cuckold?

Are you a cuckold?

Hello my cucks! This blog is not for the seasoned, experienced cuck,  but for those wondering about this kinky fetish and wondering if they are in the lifestyle and don’t know it officially. My experienced cucks have been there, so they can share your pain. But here are some tell tale tips on knowing if you are being cuckolded and don’t really know for sure. So sit back and read every word and ask yourself: Am I a cuckold?

Lets start with your wife, lover, partner

Is she a hot wife? Is she sexy? Does she have a strong sex drive? Do you feel inadequate sometimes/most times in bed? Does she need a little outside help, like a vibrator? And is that sex toy life like and waaaay bigger then you? When you do have sex? Does she just push your head down between her legs and deny you any penetration?

Does she go out a lot with her “girlfriends”? Does she shower almost immediately after she gets home, which is always really late into the wee small hours of the morning? Speaking of wee small, are you a small dicked man?

Sometimes when you are going down on her, does it smell different? Like particularly strong and almost familiar? This, my friend is known as a cuckold creampie. How nice of her to leave some dessert for you! All this time you never realized it, did you?

Take it all in

Let it sink in for a minute. Now it all makes sense, doesn’t it? In case you were wondering what to do, I suggest you educate yourself. I would study the cuckold rules of conduct if I were you. But I am not. I am the Mistress who has made you aware of your plight in life. So now is the time to call me so we can discuss just what a cuckold is and what he does.

Hello cuck! Welcum to the neighborhood!


Cuckold Mistress!

Cuckold Mistress!

Cuckold Mistress!

Hello my cuckie pets. I just wanted to thank-you for being my cuckie pet! This is one kink I really enjoy (one among many, you kinky freaks!) and I always have a great time with these kind of sessions.  In other words: I love to be cuckold Mistress!

I think you all know just what is a cuckold  by now, right? So you know it means you typically have a small penis and you are definitely not satisfying your hot wife, right? So, she turns to the bull who CAN satisfy her. After all, she is in her prime and deserves to be very satisfied.

But there are different types of cuckolds. Some are allowed access to the sweet spot every once in awhile. Others are strictly cut off and placed in more of a service role. I can see you are trying to figure out just where you would fit in. Believe me, we would establish that right away!

Strangely excited

I also know as you read this and you can picture yourself getting pretty turned on watching your wife with her lover! You may feel strange about being so turned on by that, but it is all part of the cuckold plan. Looks like you fit into it very nicely.

With a cuckold Mistress like myself  you will be well trained in no time. Trust me on that!


Subbie Hubbie Caller


Subbie Hubbie Caller

Subbie Hubbie Caller

OH my sweet callers. I just LOVE it when a session starts with “My wife is out tonight, and she gave me permission to call you.” I want to say thank you to those wives who send their cucks my way! Of course I know why they do it….it saves them the trouble of dealing with them, and it gets the subbie hubbie all worked up with no where to go!

All worked up

Depending on the permission pink slip you received from wifey, you will be edged, milked, stroked, denied and maybe even a happy ending for some! But first, of course, I will put you through your paces.

Check List

Did you change the sheets on the bed?

Did you wash her panties by hand?

Did you clean the house, in that frilly French maid attire, or naked?

Did you light some candles in the boudoir?

Did you prepare some  whors d’oeuvres ?

Did you chill that nice expensive wine?

Did you prepare yourself?

All set?

Oh, the waiting is always the hardest part. That is why you have me! You call me to help relieve some of that built up tension. The questions circulating in your head, like, what exactly are they doing now? When will they be home? How many screaming orgasms has she had? Will she ever look at me the same again? What will they have me do when they return? Then you get a text

with pictures!

Oh, the excitement of it all, and the bittersweet realization. Your wife is with a real man, getting fucked with a real cock.

Its official

                                                            you are a cuckold!