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Manly cuck

manly cuck

manly cuck

Oh cuck! Who would have thought you would be living the cuckold life. Especially knowing that an alpha type male like yourself can be replaced. A well endowed guy like you and yet, your wife leaves you to have sex with other men? Wow! Such is the life of a manly cuck.

It is because you are a manly man that you have a hot wife. How else could you have landed such a prize? Exactly. But she is not only hot, she has a huge appetite for sex. She is a flirt and free spirit. She wrote the laws of attraction and isn’t afraid to follow through.

Not the stereotypical cuck

No, you are not. you are living proof that not all cuckolds have a small penis. you are not a teenie weenie and that just makes it even more laughable. To think that your wife has a big one at home, and still she wants more. Bigger and better, or maybe just better?

you know, she was a wife with a plan. She wanted you, no doubt. But you have provided her a lifestyle she loves and the men she enjoys on the side. It’s a win-win for her! you take care of all her needs…money, expenses, trips to the salon, vacations and shopping. To the outside, you look like the perfect couple.

Butt on the inside?

Inside the bedroom…not so much. Although you do get off fluffing her, enjoying creampies and just the idea that right this very minute some other man is fucking her. It makes you hard and sometimes you can’t wait for her to get home so she can tell you all the sexy details and hopefully take your own turn.

your turn is happening less these days and that has you pacing like a penned in bull. Poor manly cuck!

Cuckold wife

cuckold wife

cuckold wife

Hello cucks! I usually talk about the cuck and his side of the story, but I thought I would focus on the female side of things. The person behind it all, you might say. The cuckold wife is a pretty cool story and one that should be celebrated.

So, you are a cuckold husband. you have been for quite some time now, whether you wanted to or not! For whatever reason, which their are many, your wife decided to make you her cuck.

Afterall, she is a hot wife and totally deserves to sexually satisfied. Ahem. Since you could not supply her with that need, she found it elsewhere. What else is a beautiful, hot sexy woman to do?

Don’t even get me started on your penis size!

Do all cuckolds have small penises? Um…what do you think? Why would a vibrate, sexy wife stray? Unless she is not getting what she needs at home. She needs a real man with  a real cock. She deserves that. This is the price you pay for having a teenie weenie and super sexy wife!

As a cuckold you know you are not allowed sex with your cuckold wife unless she invites it. Otherwise, you are to do your household chores, make the money, pay the bills and get her ready for her dates.

you love this and you hate this

Sometimes she will have you fluff her up for her big night out. And I do mean BIG! Then she may allow you to lick up that sweet creampie if you are lucky. She certainly got lucky!

Cuckold Lifestyle

cuckold lifestyle

cuckold lifestyle

Hello cuckie! Now that a new year has come our way again, it’s time to evaluate your lifestyle. At least something has come your way, right cuckie? Butt you knew that part of your life wouldn’t change. Cuckold lifestyle just means more of the same, just in a new year!

Nice T-shirt!

your hot wife asked me to get this for you to add to your misery…I mean wardrobe. I, of course, was happy to oblige. The color choice was my decision and I am sure it fits you perfectly. you do know your place, don’t you cuck?

In case you have forgotten… your wife has sex with other men… for whatever reason. But how could you forget when she reminds you of it every day she makes you go down on her and clean her up! Or she throws her dirty panties at you to wash another mans jizz off, by hand.

Excited watching

Yes, the cuckold excitement builds as you watch your wife with other men. you are so conflicted by all this. The excitement you feel and the lifestyle you are in. But it all fits very nicely, even if your penis does not. Butt your penis is never part of the equation. No, in this cuckie life, you are good for cooking, cleaning, paying the bills and making your wife happy.

That means she enjoys fucking other men and allows you to clean her up, and occasionally fuck her.

Happy New Year Cuckie!

Happy New Year cuckie!

Happy New Year cuckie!

Hello cucks! As 2016 cums to an end, I am wanting to wish you more of the same for 2017! I know you have accepted your life, your wife and her choices, and have cum to grips with what all of that means. Good for you! Far easier to embrace this lifestyle then try to fight it. That would be a losing battle. Looking forward to another year in the lifestyle, I say Happy New Year, cuckie!

What will the new year bring?

More of the same, I hope! More adventures, more experiences and more cuckolding! After all, cuckolding is the ultimate tease and I do love a really good tease. That is the life you are living. I know it is frustrating, exasperating and torments you. And at the same time it excites you beyond reason. It is a vicious circle, I know.

But it suits you, and it certainly suits your slut wife! She has enjoyed herself immensely, hasn’t she? I do mean immensely, as in a immensely huge, gigantic cock to ride! Oh the pain of it all, for both of you! Hehe!

Take it all in stride

Right, cuckie? This lifestyle requires as much. Since you are a cuckold husband, you may never know your wife’s cuckolding plan. Butt it’s probably better that way anyway.

Kinky Cuckold

kinky cuckold

kinky cuckold

Hello my pets. Kinky cuckold, right? What other kind is there? Well, lots of variations, but the basics are the typically the same. you have a hot wife. you have a small penis. Hot wife deserves to be satisfied. you want hot wife satisfied. But here’s the kicker: you actually enjoy this!

kinky cuck!

you kinky cuckie, you! Most men who have a situation like you, as far as your wife has sex with other men, would be devastated. But not you! Oh no! you actually enjoy this. you are perfectly okay with it.


It takes the pressure off you. But more importantly, you look forward to being part of this sexy, kinky experience. Why do cuckolds get excited? That is an interesting question! It has so many dimensions to it. Part of it is verification that you have a hot wife. Part of it is your desire to please. you can’t satisfy her, so you want to please her by sitting back as she gets pleased.

Nice cuck!

But you have ulterior motives: you want to enjoy a nice, big thick cock too! This fulfills your sexual desires and just adds to the whole kinky cuckold life. you are a cuckold cocksucker and you love every inch of it!

Yes, you do!

That is why this lifestyle works so well for you. Plus, you have a small penis and this is how you can keep your hot wife. Yep.