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Mistress's Pantie Slave, or Sheer white panties!

As I have said before, I love my callers and talking to all of you  just makes my day! You never fail to amaze me, surprise me and you keep it all very exciting! Again, thank-you for confiding in me and trusting me with your inner most secrets!  My phone sex adventures have been sensual, erotic, passionate and just awesome! 

One such caller who has a vivid imagination and flair for stories has sent me his fantasy. Like so many of you, we have embraced this fantasy and sexual roleplay. He asked me to share it, if I felt it was worthy. It is worthy, in my opinion and in fact, makes my white sheer panties very wet! I hope you all enjoy it and I welcome this kind of attention! So, without further, here is my callers fantasy to share with all of you!

My boy toy does not know it, but I had installed a video camera at my house recently. I did this because I have suspected for a long time he has been enamored with my panties. Sure enough the first time I had a chance to watch the video, my toy had found a pair of my sheer white bikinis which were on the top of to be washed delicates. Instead of carefully hand-washing them as expected, he chose to play with them by sniffing them and stroking himself with them.  

Confronting him with the video evidence was embarrassing for him but he knew there would be consequences. I offered him a simple solution to his humiliation of being caught on film: you will follow my orders at all times when we are home or get out of my life. Quickly he chose the first option. All household chores including laundry, house cleaning and dusting, and cooking will be your duties. In addition, I expect daily foot massaging and toe sucking, as well as times a week toe polishing all which will be done from a kneeling position. My job is supervise, inspect and approve of your work. Sloppiness or cutting corners will not be tolerated. You will either be naked or wearing panties….your own pair – size 5…small I know but I want to see you sticking out.  

If I decide you should wear my panties, they will only be worn on your head with the crotch across your nose. They will remain there until I choose to remove them. Am I understood? His response was a meek yes Ms Meredith. We will go out tomorrow and buy a number of sheer white panties which will be yours. In the meantime, I took off the ones I was wearing and had him put them on. I had a brand new pair which I made him put on me before serving me wine, and dismissing him to make dinner for you goddess.  

After a fabulous meal, I changed into a micro skirt with my sexy open toed heels. My heels made the expected sound on the hardwood floor and as I entered the room, I crooked my finger for toy to crawl across the room where I stood with one leg propped up on a stool. Like what you see ? You cannot have it. I strutted across the room and repeated the process. Want it don’t you? How bad? You will have to work a long long time for that privilege. In the meantime, kiss my toes…one by one. Follow me on your knees and don’t dally about it. You will now lick and suck me to a release with my white panties on as you kneel in front of me.

After my physical joy, I dismiss him once again to clean the kitchen, after refilling my wine glass. “I see you are done with your chores, crawl to your Goddess and kiss my feet once again.” His erection started to poke out of the transparent material of my size 7 panties. I can hardly wait to see him in a size 4 or 5.  

A simple point to the floor with the following words “put your lips on my toes gently right NOW” produced the reaction I wanted…an enthusiastic toy wanting to keep me happy. I grabbed his hair with one hand and pointed to the my sheer covered perfection with the other…and said was “stare at what you can’t have.” His erection is turning a deep shade of red and his body is starting to quiver. I placed my right foot over his panty covered erection as I watch his body shake. The desperation in his eyes was empowering. To emphasize my position of authority I stated “Pour me more wine…I want to tease you more”.

Yes, I DO want to tease you more! So you will have to wait on bended knee for the next blog with the rest of the story! 

For an erotic phone session with Ms Meredith, your sensual Goddess, call 800-601-6975
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Calls are $2.50 per minute,. with a 10 minute minimum
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